Monday, November 28, 2011

NETT Celebrates its Anniversary at Andover XC Race

A few Mini Ponies were mucking it up at the Andover Country Club XC Race on Sunday. It was nine years ago that NETT first raced as a team at Andover.

This year, the women were represented by Tina Wang who finished fourth in her age group in 25:48 and Karyn Miller-Medzon who finished in 27:05.

On the men's side Crazy Dave finished 10th overall and fifth master and Janos Mako who finished fifth in the 50-59 age group in 21:20. To get an idea of just how competitive this race has become in the age groups Marshall Randolph was THIRD in his age group! And yes, Chris Smith was out there too. Blabbity blah Somerville blah blah.

Special thanks to Frank and Emma, our top-notch cheering section.

"I swear to you Emma. If you walk through that door over there, they will give you FREE BEER! Uncle Crazy would never lie to you!"

As always, the post-race party was top-notch with a great meal and..of course..FREE BEER!!

Big Congrats to Dustin and Mary!

A HUGE NETT congrats to Mary and Dustin for tying the knot this weekend. These two crazy kids got hitched and had their reception appropriately enough just a mile down the road from the Blue Hills! It was a fun night with everything from salsa dancing to a wild Pennsylvania tradition involving a bag of dollars and a minor brawl in suits.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Congrats to Eri!!

Big congrats to Eri for finishing his first marathon last weekend. Eri finished the Philaelphia Marathon. Here's his report:

Right at the start I made a deal with my friend Alex that we would run
together until the end. We kept a nice 7:50-8:00 pace until mile 18,
then as I was getting ready to speed it up, Alex was having some
problems with his right leg... So we slowed down gradually all the way
to 9:40 until mile 23. He insisted that I would leave him and run at
mile 18 but I kept him company until mile 23 and then took off (when he
had to stop to stretch and consistently insisted that I should go).

The last 3 miles or so I kept a 6:50 (according to my gps watch)
average and finished with 3:34 (according to my watch, and 3:35
according to their timing). I am pretty happy with the result... I was in pain at the end but I think I can do better in the next race...

The day was perfect, a little over cast but not too cold, then the sun
came up. Great organization and a ton o water station and bathrooms
along the way. apparently there were 25000 runners and 60000 people
cheering... I would definitely do it again, I loved the city!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Congrats to Marshall!

Warning: If you have a fragile ego and are in your 20s or 30s--seriously, don't read the next paragraph. Skip down to the video.

HUGE congrats to our pal Marshall who, at 63 years young, ripped out a 3:13 at the hilly, windy Cape Cod Marathon last week. That's 3:13 at 63 years old! Insane.

Marshall never fails to impress us and reminds us that you're as fast as you feel. So in his honor, I'm going to post my new favorite video featuring a couple other running idols that captures the spirit of it all. So watch the video, raise a glass and sing it loud: I Never Wanna Grow Old!