Sunday, May 07, 2017

Spring Racing Roundup: Boston, Merrimack, and more

The NETT crew has been busy this spring -- too busy to keep the blog updated obviously😞! But at least now we have emojis 😑 so that's somethin' 

Here's some of the latest news.

It was a mixed bag at the Boston Marathon for the MiniPonies. YP had a phenomenal run busting in at 2:40. He was definitely comin' in hot! Joe C ran a very smart race and beat the heat in 3:08. Jason D was consistent as always at a 3:17. Bobblehead Bob dealt with some curveballs and came in just under five hours. It was a rougher day for a few other Mini Ponies, who had to cut their runs short, but finishing a marathon is no. easy. task. 

The week before Boston a few MiniPonies tackled the NETT favorite Merrimack River Trail Race. YP took 3rd overall and set an age group record in 1:00, while Crazy Dave and Eri took a leisurely (as leisurely as you can on that course!) run together and covered a lot of ground (conversationally, that is). It is always a great event and there's always a good crowd of old-school trail runners there! 

Speaking of trail running, Marshall the Machine, did his usual thing at the Blue Hills Fox Trot--by that we mean won his age group by a country mile, finishing in 1:25. 

And lastly, the new Monday night Weston trail runs seem to be going well. Check the Meetup for details. 

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