Monday, April 15, 2013

A Message to Whoever Did This

We supported each other before the blast. We sprinted to help each other after the blast.
We picked each other up off the ground and pulled the debris off each other.
We put pressure on wounds while still in our sweat-drenched singlets.
We wrapped volunteer's jackets around bloodied limbs.
We cried on each other's shoulders, wrapped in mylar.
We continued toward the finish line with bombs going off 20 feet away and immediately turned around to help others behind us.

We'll continue to cross finish lines and we'll continue to turn around and help others behind us.  
We are millions strong and growing stronger every day, including today.

You didn't stop us. You can't stop us.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

NETT's Dietary Secrets Bring Success

It's only Sunday night and it's already been an incredibly busy weekend for NETT.

On Saturday morning, Bob Segal took to the trails like a Mini Pony should and finished third in his (newish) age group at the Merrimack River Trail Race. His secret?

"In addition to just being in better shape and having run the course before, I drank beet juice before the race! An idea that Zach first planted in my brain last fall. It was even written up in a recent edition of Trail Runner magazine, with studies confirming that it somehow helps your body use oxygen more efficiently. So I tried it in a 5K trail race in late March and again yesterday and in both cases I ran faster than last year. I still think most of it has to do with experience and conditioning but the juice may help too!"

Nice work Bob. We love to hear about our veteran runners influencing the kids like that!

Also on Saturday morning Doris and Crazy Dave took to the streets (and bike paths) of Vermont to run the Unplugged Half Marathon. Doris paced herself smartly to a new PR in a decent headwind while Crazy Dave ran a PW in the half but managed seventh place overall and first master.

They Chow-Hannons rewarded themselves with burgers and beers from the Farmhouse Tap and Grill (two thumbs up!) (Doris admitted that burgers were in her mind for most of the race).

Speaking of eating, NETT had its annual pre-Boston carbo-loading fest! A few Mini Ponies ate like a full stable and enjoyed a mess of food! (Thanks JD!) Check out the pics here on the Facebook.

Lastly, GOOD LUCK to Marshall, Amanada and Ali on Monday. The training will pay off.