Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NETT @ RTB 2014

Big congrats to the NETT-heavy Wings Reach the Beach team that completed yet another successful run at the 180-mile relay. Here's the report from Cap'n K:

It was another memorable year. It reminded me  again of how incredible a group this is. For the first time, we did have a few curve balls. When we had a runner go down early with an injury. Poor Peter. We read the rules which said that the next runner had to take over, and could move forward either doing doubles (i.e. all of his and the injured runner's legs), or we could completely switch the rotation, moving the next runner into Peter’s legs etc. and having the last runner doing an extra leg.

By minor miracle, the person who was next in rotation was Tom — the only person on the team who is running a 100-miler in two weekends, and for whom the extra miles were a gift. So he came into Van 1 (we now had 7) and he did each of the injured runner's legs and his own. In the meantime Peter, who now lives in NH and could easily have gone home, stayed with us (in pain and barely able to walk) and navigated for the next 24 hours.

Everyone ran beautifully — each person inspired by the person before them.  In the end we came in 3rd out of 120 ‘mixed open' teams and 23 out of 518 teams total. I credit everyone’s absolute fear of disappointing their team mates for the unbelievable performances. The course was a little longer this year and the legs were longer too (most people did higher mileage than in the past) and everyone rose to the challenge. Having 7 legs to cover in one van also meant that sleep time was cut by at least an hour, because the van couldn’t advance to the van transition area until the 7th runner was done (instead of the sixth). We figure we had about 2 hours total over the 25.

Pictures are up on the Facebook page. We mostly ran in NETT shirts this year and we had a lot of inquiries about who this ‘fast’ team was! Really fun.

Here's a great video Marshall produced:

Reach the Beach Wings small 2014 from Marshall on Vimeo.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Bob Continues to Dominate on the Trails

NETT's Bob Segal has continued to dominate the 60+ age group in trail races around New England, and he's not shying away from the most challenging of them all.

In early August, Bob took on a New England classic trail race on the Grand Tree circuit. Here's his report: In my first race over 10 miles this season, I survived the 15.2 mile Savoy Mountain race this past Sunday out in western Mass. Although equally unprepared this year as last, I still managed to chop 11 minutes off my time and come in 4th in my age group.


In late August, Bob continued his domination of the North SHore Trail Series at the Beverly Commons Trail Race. As you will see here, Chris, Alison, and Bob each won their age groups in the 7 mile race. See the results here: www.coolrunning.com/results/14/ma/Aug23_Beverl_set4.shtml

And more recently, Bob tackled another New England beast. Here's his report:

On Sunday, I tried the 18 mile Wapack Trail race again, primarily to help get me in shape for the Stone Cat marathon in November. I although I am having a good season racing, only one of my races so far has been over 10 miles (Savoy Mountain 15 miler), so I knew I would not be very competitive. Instead, my goal was to just get in the work, avoid injury, and try to run under 5 hours, to improve on my 5:02 finish in 2012.

MIssion accomplished: Did not fall once and finished in 4:51. Youngstah came in 9th overall!

This is a very tough race. I would say that 85% of the race is technical enough going up and down the 4 mountains that you really can't run fluidly very much at all. In fact, I can think of only one area --- along a logging trail --- where you can actually run normally. Otherwise, it's all mountain goat style. You can see the results and read the write-up from the race directors here:


Nice work Bob! Way to represent.

NETT Hosts the Final Chamberas XC Race

Well..that's all she wrote. NETT hosted the 13th and final Thomas Chamberas XC Race in August and as usual, the crack team of volunteers made sure everything went off without a hitch. Many many thanks to all the folks who have supported this race over the years, from volunteers to sponsors to clubs to spectators.

Here's a video that sums up this year's race pretty well:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bob Burns Up the Trails of Connecticut

Congrats to Bobble Head Bob who successfully defended his age group title at the Bluff Point 3.5 mile trail race in Groton, CT. 

Bob says "It was a beautiful day and an easy, clearly marked trail. Wearing my NETT colors, I was even 30 seconds faster than last year!"

Congrats Bob! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Frank Takes Top Three at Kingston Tri

Congrats to Frank KJ on yet another successful triathlon up at the Kingston Triathlon in NH. Here's his report:

This one I just could not miss out on since it has a real 5K trail. But let's start with the beginning.

Set the alarm for 5am for another beautiful summer morning with warm dry air and little wind. Arrived in Kingston NH around 6:15am and quickly bumped into my friend and triathlon nemesis Steve Levandosky. He runs a lot of trails as well (including Thomas Chamberas) so he also felt compelled to give this race a try. 

Since the swim leg is only 0.25 miles and there is only a little beach area, this race starts in a time trial fashion with two people going off into the pond every 5 seconds - self-seeded. I  agreed with Steve that we should line up as the first to hit the water. After all, how often do you get the chance to start a triathlon with only one person next to you. We swam side by side for the entire 6:45 minutes completely undisturbed except for one guy passing us at a very quick pace. 

T1 was smooth and then it was time to hit the roads. It took me about 3 miles to catch the fast swimmer and then it was me, myself and I for the next 11 miles. All the hills are in the first half which means that the second was a lot of fun with long stretches go well above 25mph. Going into T2 I had about 2 minutes to the next person.

T2 was smooth as well and then it was time to meet the much anticipated trail run. And it did not disappoint. It was a single track constantly winding and with lots of short steep up/down hill sections plus the mandatory roots, rocks and muddy sections. And plenty of horse flies for company. Around mile 2 I heard footsteps behind me and about 0.4 miles later I was passed swiftly by some fast guy. 

I ended up holding on to 3rd overall with my pal Steve in 2nd place. Turns out the person who passed was a slow swimmer but a phenomenal cyclist (25mph+) and strong trail runner (6:10 pace on a fairly technical course) so he deservedly took the top spot.

Results at http://www.coolrunning.com/results/14/nh/Aug10_Kingst_set1.shtml  

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Frank has "99.9% Perfect" race at Greenfield

Big congrats to Frank KJ for his strong performance at the Greenfield Triathlon.

"I came in 5th overall, first in my age group," he reports. "It was a 99.99% perfet race. And I had Tina and Emma along to cheer me on." Full Results Here

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bob Goes All American

Huge congrats to our track demon in-residence, Bobblehead Bob, who raced his way to All American status at the Bay State Games.

Get this--Bob ran the mile in 5:55. At age 61. I'm not kidding. Here are the results. Obviously, that wasn't good enough for Bob, so he ran the 800 also in a 2:43. (Those Chelmsford guys in NETT might recognize another name in the 800m results as well).

Huge congrats Bob. That kind of result takes a lot of hard work and some gutsy racing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mini Pony Trio Takes Top Spots at Hale Obstacle Race

Apparently, the 26x1 relay wasn't enough for three adventurous mini ponies. So after helping put the first "T" back in NETT, Crazy Dave, Big Ben and the original Ponyette Cindy took to the trail of Hale Reservation for the Hale Obstacle Course Race. And the results were....surprising.

The race involved running 5K on trails with various "obstacles" the overcome along the way. This included a hand-over-hand climb up Cat Rock, carrying logs, doing push-ups and sit-ups and a few other challenges along the way.

So, the results.....yeah....technically the results list Big Ben as the top finisher and Crazy Dave a few strides behind. Well the heterolifemates were certainly just a few ticks apart, but the actual race winner was Dave Conforto of the HFC Striders (lawschool classmate of another MiniPony all around good guy). Despite their best efforts to convince the organizers they were not, in fact, 1-2, somehow the results still showed them as the top 2 and Cindy as the second-place female finisher.

As with all the races in the Hale Race series, the funds raised go to help inner-city kids go to camp out in the 'burbs, so all the fun was for a good cause.

And as you can see, the trio (and Doris as their cheering section) had a LOT of laughs at the race. When asked why on earth he was laughing so hard in the picture, Dave said. "Me and Ben....won!" But why's that so funny? "It's funny 'cuz we're fat."