Sunday, December 24, 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017

NETT Goes Coed at Snowy Assault on Mount Hood

Four of NETT's heartiest runners teamed up to take second place in the coed team division of this year's Assault on Mount Hood XC race in Melrose.

The team of OP Patrick, Bridget and Kristin, and Bobblehead Bob took second place in a snowy and blustery  race.

And individually, the NETT group walked away with a pile of nutcrackers for age group awards. OP won his age group, Bridget won her age group, and Kristin was second in her (new!) age group.

Big congrats to all four of these NETT runners. Great job representing us at one of our favorite races.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

A Run with Patrick Caron: The Video

Have you ever wanted to go on a run with NETT superstar Patrick Caron but don't think you can keep up (can any of us, really?) Well, take a look at this VERY cool video of Patrick running the Piper Trail on Mt. Chocoura in New Hampshire as filmed by Ian MacLellan.

A Run with Patrick Caron from Ian MacLellan on Vimeo.
Music By: We Are All Astronauts ( weareallastronauts.netAdditional Footage By: Dylan Ladds (

Sunday, November 12, 2017

2nd Annual Joe and Dave's Backyard Homegrown Marathon

Some people dream their whole life of being able to run 26.2 miles. Some folks go do it on a Sunday in November remind themselves they can.

A group of hearty MiniPonies finished the 2nd Annual Joe and Dave's Backyard Homegrown Marathon and Half this weekend. Yes, that's a full, wheel-measured 26.2 mile course on the trails in Weston, Wayland (a bit), Lincoln, and Concord run as a group run to celebrate a long year of successful training. No, it's not a "real" race, just one of the many perks of being an NETT member (if you can call running a marathon a "perk").

The group starting out at Weston Reservoir hit the trail at 7:01 sharp and the thermometer read something like 24 degrees. Brrrrrr. Starting the full were JoeC, CrazyDave, Jason, Tom (all JDBHM veterans) and newcomer Neil.

A new division was created at this year -- the women's 2-person relay division, with Mary running the first half and handing off to Adrienne to run the second half. (See Karyn we DID get a human female to participate--two in fact!) 

The first half of the course winds its way through trails in Weston, Wayland, and Lincoln before hitting the halfway point at Walden Pond. We had our first and only spectator early on the course (Joe's daughter braved the cold to come out and cheer us on at her backyard waterstop!). Other highlights of the first half included a stop at Bucky Goldstein's Horsehendge, a charge up Drumlin Hill, and a tight lap around Walden Pond before cruising into the halfway point in right around 2 hours.

We dropped off Mary, picked up Adrienne and JD and kept on motoring into the second half with a lap around Flint's Pond, a cut through the Decordova Museum, a jaunt through Blue Heron Farm, before heading back into Weston (where the course really lives up to its name by cutting through a couple more backyards) and finishing up at the Weston Reservoir in just over 4 hours. 

After the run, we celebrated with a family-friendly pizza party in Concord Center where the next-gen NETTers got to bond a bit. Definitely some runners in that crew!

We can't post this without a HUGE thanks to JoeC for the work he put into this event. The guy wheel measured the course with the Redneck 5000, made course adjustments to minimize the pavement, produced the course maps, woke up at an unGodly hour and dropped 7 water stops in the morning (it was too cold to leave them out overnight) and provided shuttle service for the half marathon runners. Oh, yeah, he also guided us over the 26.2 mile course by memory. So yeah, thanks doesn't cut it.

All participants finished the distance they planned. No one got seriously inured. And we all had a really good time on the trail chatting and enjoying a gorgeous fall day in New England.

See last year's race report here.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Two Top-Notch MiniPonies go LLLLONG

Two NETT members deserve special recognition for their accomplishments recently.

This past weekend Jason ran a very strong race at the Loco Marathon, cracking 3 hours to finish in 2:58:10 good for 7th place overall.

"The race went to plan and I am pretty psyched to go under 3," Jason said.  "The weather cooperated. It was a double loop course so the first loop I ran with a bunch of half marathoners. The second loop was quieter but I had some company. I kept a pretty consistent pace with the second loop about a minute slower than the first."

Huge congrats to Jason.

And as if that wasn't a huge enough accomplishment, another NETT runner turned the ultra running world on its head recently by running the second-fastest 100 miler in the country this year--at only 20 years old! Yes, Young Patrick shattered his own record and ran what is currently the third fastest 100 miler in the WORLD this year finishing the Ghost Train Trail Race in 13:50. For 100 miles.

If you want to hear a detailed report of the race and learn....well...everything you need to know about YP, check out this interview on the Ultrarunner Podcast If you scroll to the very bottom of the page you can play the podcast or find it on iTunes. And here's a blog post about it from Mass Ultra

We're so psyched for both of these guys since they're both kickass runners but also stand-up guys. Just what NETT is all about.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

MiniPonies Run Wild at Powisset Farm Trail Runs

NETT showed up in force at the Powisset Farm Trail Runs in Dover, Mass. 

The Ponyettes showed up strong, with Mary taking 2nd place overall in the 8.3 mile race while Adrienne took 3rd overall in the 5.6 mile race. They both got a nice pillow with the race logo on it and some edible goodies (veggies and fruit from the farm!) Chris' better half Alison put in a rock-solid effort to take 5th place in her age group while Jack's better half Jenn put some of her British-born trail skills to good use and had a great time in the process.

On the men's side, Chris and Dave went 4-5 in the 8.3 mile race while Jack made a confident return to rugged trails. 

Overall the NETT reviews for this race were positive--good course, well marked, and post-race donuts and beer gave it the race the nickname of the "Homer Simpson Race".

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Adventures in Ithaca

Seven of NETT's more...seasoned runners headed out to Ithaca NY for the infamous Triennial Trail Relay on the Finger Lakes Trail. And it was certainly an eventful weekend.

The crew of JD, Matt, Rick, Crazy Dave, Paddler (Tarzan) Steve, JoeC, and Fluffy Chris drove out on Friday and broke into their two teams, East and West, to do some recon on the trail junctions and then...a slight mishap. and suddenly the West crew was down to two runners. Not to worry. Steve found out that his leg actually requires the use of a rope to scale up a steep climb. Sounds fun. Not to worry.

Friday night the team had a great I-talian dinner in Cortland NY and retired to the quaint Ramada Cortland for a good night's sleep.

Saturday morning came early and at 7:25 the two NETT teams headed out on their sets of legs. The course is extremely challenging and has climbs that we just don't see here in Eastern Mass. And the guys rose to the occasion. On the east team, Tarzan Steve ran strong before handing off to Rick, the East team captain and only member of the team who knew the terrain. Rick used his hometown hero status to pull himself up and over the brutal hills of Greek Peak before Matt took over and found himself waist deep in a stream crossing. And last for the east team, JD just crushed his leg flying down the hills at breakneck pace to bring it home very strong.

On the West side, things got adventurous. Down to only two runners after Friday's mishap, Chris decided our best chance was to race for the coveted Christopher Columbus award. It's not easy to do, either. Chris had to spend several hours in the woods on and off trail. His efforts WERE in fact, rewarded by the race organizers who decided to include NETT in the results, even though Crazy Dave was so intimidated by Chris' performance he took his shoes off and got in the car.

Here's how the results sheet looked for the Mini Ponies.

Run time:            14:22:00
Handicap:            00:35:00
TOTAL:                  13:47:00
                Steve Yankum (64)                          East 1    9.4 Miles              1:50:00
                Matt Moore (32)                              East 2    6.8 Miles              1:14:00
                Rick Cleary (61)                                 East 3    6.8 Miles              1:41:00
                Jean Dany Joachim (54) East 4    9.4 Miles              1:37:00
                Chris Smith (51)                                West 1  10.6 Miles            3:00:00                  AWARD:                Christopher Columbus (the rest of the crew abandoned ship trying to locate him)
                Dave Hannon (46)                            West 2-3 11.2 Miles         2:00:00
                Joe Canistraro (49)                          West 4 10.6 Miles             2:00:00

Overall this was a VERY fun event and a great trip for the NETT men's team. 

NETT improves its Prospects at Prospect Bandit Run

A couple hearty Mini Ponies put themselves into some serious discomfort recently at the Prospect Bandit Run with great results, putting two runners in the top six overall.

The PBR 5K was part of the Race Around Waltham Series. Jason and Crazy Dave had both done an earlier race in the series, the YMCA race and figured why not press their luck running up the old familiar Prospect Hill.

Jason took off strong and finished even stronger, placing 4th overall and first in the 19-49 age group. Crazy Dave was sixth overall on the very hilly 5K course.

Overall it was a fun race on a tough course. (BTW, to read a Brief History of Prospect Hill, click here).