Sunday, October 16, 2016

Race Report: Joe and Dave's Homegrown Backyard Marathon

What do you call it when 12 Mini Ponies run a wheel-measured 26.2 mile course through the trails of Weston and Lincoln?

The First Annual Joe and Dave's Homegrown Backyard Marathon, of course! An instant classic NETT event.

A few facts about the JDHBM:

  • Wheel measured? Yup, courtesy of the Redneck 5000!
  • Aid stations? Yup. More than you'd need?
  • Shuttle service? Yes, runners were shuttled from the finish to the start to let them run the first or second half if they so chose.
  • Spectators? Yes. Well, at least two of Joe's family were nice enough to come out and watch us run by!
  • Finish line? You bet.
  • Redneck 5000
  • Post-race party? Yup, pizza with family members and Paddler Steve.

It was a really really fun run and perfect for NETT. We all owe a huge thanks to Joe for putting so much effort into this thing. Seriously.

Here's the results:

Full marathon finishers:
Joe, Jason, YP, Tom, and Crazy Dave

First half finishers:
Brodie, Slava, JD and Andy

Second half finishers:
Ken, Ilya

A bit of both:

Purple Heart Award: Jason

Best Stunt Man Impression: Ilya

Best Bucky Goldstein Impression at Horsehendge: JD

Most Mileage Run: YP (of course, he ran extra before and probably after the run)
Best Comeback Run: Andy--great to see him out there.
Best Impression of a Lion Pacing the Cage: Tom
Bloodiest Shirt: Dave
Best Video: Patrick

Thanks to everyone who came out for the run and post-run party. It was really NETT at its best. Low-key, impressive, and family-friendly.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Racing Update: Reach the Beach, Scottish and US XC, Steve Cashes in

Just a quick update on the NETT racing news from August and September.....

The top news is that the NETT-Wings team finished EIGHTH overall in the 200-mile Reach the Beach Relay. It was the team's best overall place in the event and represents the ultimate in teamwork. From race logistics (Capn K) to all out speed (YP), to preparation (JD), the team was really ready this year. We had new faces (Joe C), and a lot of veterans (Justine, Tom, Christy, Marshall, Julie, OP, Slava, and Crazy Dave. Every year, this race is a real test and every year we get a bit older, but somehow, we all seem to manage it better.

To see a BIG photo album, check the NETT Facebook page here. Really, they are worth a look, 

Earlier in September, Crazy Dave took to the trails on a trip to Scotland and finished a solid third while setting two firsts: The first time he's been introduced as a special guest before the race and the first time he ever had to do a slip-and-slide to finish the race.

XC season is here! In early September, the NETT men's masters team ran the GBTC Elm Bank XC festival. Jason DJ Crazy Dave, JD, OP, and Paddler Steve teamed up to finish fourth overall team. Results are here. 

On the ladies side, Adrienne and Julie were in the top 10 masters for females. 

A couple weeks later Paddler Steve won his age group at the Holdenwood Trail Run in Shirley, Mass.and went home with $50 for his trouble. Katy got third in her age group and her daughter Laura won hers as well. Nice work! Always, the humble guy, Paddler said, "For some reason the announcer thought my time was great. I thought Marshall's effort last year was even better."

Has anyone stopped to think about the amazing quality of 60+ runners NETT has right now? 

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Saturday, July 09, 2016

NETT goes Cherry Picking on the 4th

NETT's Men's Masters "plus" squad celebrated the nation's birthday by sweeping the standings at the Lincoln, Ma. 4 Miler.

Frank decided to lose his best training partner (Emma) and run without a babyjogger this year and just ran away with the 2.5 miler, winning easily in 15:33. Of course, Emma did jump out and help Frank with his finishing kick.

Also in the 2.5 miler, Steve easily took the 60+ category finishing second overall.

In the 4 miler Crazy Dave put on his patriotic (Darn Tough) socks and took the overall win while Marshall destroyed the field in the 60+ category. And Emma was kind enough to jump out and help Marshall with his kick (apparently Emma is not happy with our finishing speed!).

And the extended NETT family even took the win in the women's race as Steve's daughter Olivia won the overall women's race!

Overall it was a great day, a fun race and so great to see the NETT gang out there together.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Congrats Bogie!

Big congrats to "NETT West" member Bogie who worked his tail off this year to achieve a longtime goal of running a Boston Qualifier at the Revel Rockies marathon. He crossed the line at 3:14, a qualifier for his age group.

At the finish Bogie got a great sign (BQ) and made his own to acknowledge an old NETT pal (zoom in close)

Congrats Bogie--you earned that one!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Results update: May 2016

Okay, the blogmaster is woefully behind in his updates, but here are just a few of the amazing results from NETT runers in the past month...or two..

Patrick Caron won...that's right, WON the Pineland Farms 50 miler this year. He said of the day, "The trails up there are awesome!" NETT has had some great races up there over the years and YP's clearly keeping up the tradition.

Also on Memorial Day weekend a couple new NETT members had good runs. Our new pal Jerome just crushed the Run to Remember finishing in a blistering 1:12 for third overall.

Up in Vermont Jason Dejoannis ran a very very solid 3:11 at the Vermont City Marathon, good for sixth in his division.

On our training runs we've seen a few new faces coming out regularly too, so it is a great time for new NETT members to come out and take part!
As always to get more updated info check the Facebook page!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Friday, April 08, 2016

A Fast News Day for Joe C

NETT newcomer Joe C has run a lot of Boston Marathons and we all know how consistent he is. But the folks over at the Metrowest Daily News are recognizing it as well.

Check out this article: Boston Marathon: Weston runner seeks satisfaction of finish line

Hannah's Helpers in Full Swing

Hannah's Helpers is here and NETT is supporting it in every way! 

Here's the official announcement:

The organizers of the Wellesley One Mile and the Board of the Hannah Randolph Fund are proud to announce Hannah’s Helpers, our small effort to make the world a better place in memory of a very special girl.

Please visit the Hannah’s Helpers site for more information.