Sunday, October 16, 2016

Race Report: Joe and Dave's Homegrown Backyard Marathon

What do you call it when 12 Mini Ponies run a wheel-measured 26.2 mile course through the trails of Weston and Lincoln?

The First Annual Joe and Dave's Homegrown Backyard Marathon, of course! An instant classic NETT event.

A few facts about the JDHBM:

  • Wheel measured? Yup, courtesy of the Redneck 5000!
  • Aid stations? Yup. More than you'd need?
  • Shuttle service? Yes, runners were shuttled from the finish to the start to let them run the first or second half if they so chose.
  • Spectators? Yes. Well, at least two of Joe's family were nice enough to come out and watch us run by!
  • Finish line? You bet.
  • Redneck 5000
  • Post-race party? Yup, pizza with family members and Paddler Steve.

It was a really really fun run and perfect for NETT. We all owe a huge thanks to Joe for putting so much effort into this thing. Seriously.

Here's the results:

Full marathon finishers:
Joe, Jason, YP, Tom, and Crazy Dave

First half finishers:
Brodie, Slava, JD and Andy

Second half finishers:
Ken, Ilya

A bit of both:

Purple Heart Award: Jason

Best Stunt Man Impression: Ilya

Best Bucky Goldstein Impression at Horsehendge: JD

Most Mileage Run: YP (of course, he ran extra before and probably after the run)
Best Comeback Run: Andy--great to see him out there.
Best Impression of a Lion Pacing the Cage: Tom
Bloodiest Shirt: Dave
Best Video: Patrick

Thanks to everyone who came out for the run and post-run party. It was really NETT at its best. Low-key, impressive, and family-friendly.

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