Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wang-Kjaersgaards kick butt....Dmitry finds a new sport to win at

The Wang-Kjaersgaards lived up to their Mini Ponie(s) of the year status with a strong 1-2 punch this weekend. Tina flew out to the left coast to do the Los Angeles Marathon. Despite some major obstacles (like the race directors letting the WALKERS start before the runnners, which slowed the early miles significantly??), Tina pushed hard and ran a strong 3:37.

Meanwhile on Sunday, the other half of Team Wang-Kjaersgaard was hauling booty up and down the hills of Central Mass in the infamous Stus 30K race. Frank finished very well in 2:03 for 15th place overall. (He looks like me in high school--running with a police cruiser behind him!)

"I ran very even for the first 20K, then I had problems with my knee again, which cost me about a minute," Frank reports. This was his last race in the 30-39 age-group, so you masters racers get ready!

On Saturday, Dmitry and Dave took to the snow at the Hawley Kiln Snowshoe race. Dmitry took on some of the top snowshoers in the region and won his first snowshoe race the hard way--leading through deep snow on a single-track trail for most of the race, finishing the five-mile course in 52:21. Dave chugged in at 6th place in 59:40.

There's some typically comical photos (some on purpose, some not so) of Dave and Dmitry's trip and race posted in the NETT photo archive.

Here's Dave with his two biggest idols--Richy Busa and Art "The Furnace" Gulliver!

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