Monday, September 17, 2007

Race Time in Douglas, Mass.

While most of us never heard of Douglas, Mass. this weekend, it became a hotbed of NETT racing! Early on Sunday, Jerry D, Toledo Joe and Crazy Dave toed the line in the sand at the 5 Star Triathlon in Douglas. After waiting a long time in cold water before the start, we got’s how Jerry reports it:

"The race abruptly started ~1min after national anthem (no raft of pre-race announcements)! Joe ended up with nice clean water out in front while I was totally unprepared and off to the side and got 1-2ed by an arm backswing and then a kick which rearranged my goggles (been a long time since I had that happen to me). Swim was definitely short. Kind of odd to mount up the bike just behind Carmen who was near/in front of, behind
and then finally in front of Joe. I was thinking that with a good effort we could both stay near Carmen (Monks, the race winner) and I knew there was a few other guys up the road. But I could see, even before I passed Joe, that Carmen was pulling steadily away from us. Oh well. Anyways, a lot of hills packed into that little course. I think the
young kid that finished 4th actually put up the fastest bike split. I was kind of surprised to see only the young kid and then Carmen run out of the transition as I was coming in. I didn't look back but heard some sort of sounds that didn't sound like a normal bike dismount, apparently Joe sacrificed the body to save the bike.

Crazy had a good race even though they have him listed as Vinny Aguiar (#4). (Editor’s note: Race officials accidentally gave Crazy Dave the wrong race number—it was of a guy who registers for a lot of races, but rarely shows up and is like 6’6” apparently. Anyone need an XXL T-shirt?)

My dad had a good race, haven't seen his splits yet but he won his age group (Editor’s note: Jerry’s being family-modest here—his dad got the loudest applause during the awards ceremony and was congratulated personally by several top-ranked guys. Was a great site to see the Colonel getting his due after working his butt off all summer at Walden!).

Good racing Joe, you were strong and I'd be lying if I said I was only thinking about catching Carmen on that run, was keeping a keen ear out, listening for any
footsteps coming up behind.

Good work Crazy, way to race the multisport AND fly the colors. Question is, how do we incorporate our logo onto a tri suit?"

MEANWHILE on the other side of Douglas, Dave Mingori was busy cruising through the 4th Annual Douglas Family Fun Run 5K, taking second place overall in 17:29. The race was won by friend of NETT Jason Croteau in 16:56. Gotta get that guy out to a couple races for us Dave!

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