Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gatorade inventor dies

The Associated Press reports that Dr. J. Robert Cade, who invented the sports drink Gatorade and launched a multibillion-dollar industry that the beverage continues to dominate, died Tuesday of kidney failure. He was 80.

The AP report says "Now sold in 80 countries in dozens of flavors, Gatorade was born thanks to a question from former Gators Coach Dwayne Douglas, Cade said.

He asked, "Doctor, why don't football players wee-wee after a game?"

"That question changed our lives," Cade said.

I guess we all owe Dr. Cade a debt of gratitude for putting off the BONK for at least a few miles. So raise your plastic bottles to him one more time!


Ben said...

I have to make water...

banana # 3 said...

Hey Ben - do you have the recipe to make ice too? Send me a copy!

Frank said...

Gatorade takes you to mile 20. Coca-cola takes you the last 6.2 miles. And don't forget beer and chocolate milk as the ultimate recovery beverages