Sunday, December 30, 2007

BU Meets Wrap Up

While NETT did not get a chance to run a 4x 1 mile relay this week at the final BU Mini-Meet this weekend, Dave Mingori was a one-man NETT squad on the track, running both the 3000 and the mile. Dave blasted through the 3K in sub-10 and then bounced back for a 5:06 in the mile.

Due to an overwhelming turnout at the meet, the relay got pushed back to 3 pm, too late for a couple of our team members to make. But Kudos to Big Ben and family for coming all the way down from NH to run, as well as Drs. Miller and Goode and soon-to-be-lost-to-Texas Peter G. Would have made a great relay team. Maybe next year.

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