Monday, March 03, 2008

Ticks at Stus, Oona at the Claddagh

It was a fairly quiet racing weekend for the MiniPonies, but Jerry the Tick and Anthony were out mixing it up.

"Oona" and Thomas Chamberas took to the streets of Lawrence in the Claddah Pub 4 Miler finishing up in 33 minutes. The Claddah is a family event for Oona in a number of ways. First off, his cousin is the race director. Secondly, it's a Greek guy running an Irish pub race (ironic because our Greek Streak married himself a full-on Irish lass). And most of all, the product of that Greek-Irish lovefest, Thomas, is already at consistent participant in the race.

(Photo courtesy

Meanwhile on Sunday, Jerry the Tick De Zutter churned out 7:12 miles at the always challenging Stu's 30K race on Sunday.

41 2:14:25.34 De Zutter, Jerry Hudson, MA M 43 7.13

Jerry said of his performance: "Stu's 30K today was a good effor ton my part. I'm well undertained (my last race was Andover CC) and I did way too much socializing along the way but was pleased to run the pace I did (7:13 pace)."

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