Sunday, April 06, 2008

NETT goes South at Northern Nipmuck, Ringheiser tops at Crowleys, Frank KJ at Upton

Some days you feel great. Some days you feel crappy. Some days your feel so crappy that 1/4 into the race you pull the plug and turn it into a training run. And SOME DAYS, you find out your teammate did the same!

Such was the case for the Daves (Hannon and Mingori) at the Northern Nipmuck trail race this weekend. DaveH felt the woes of a hefty training schedule early on and by the first aid station had shifted gears from race pace to training pace, thinking when Dave M caught up with him, he'd try to push it up again. But Dave M never came, having his own troubles, struggling through what he called a general lack of zip.

End result: Dave H a personal worst 2:23 and Dave M in at 2:39. And just to add insult to injury, NETT's Dmitry Drozdov's former course record was smashed as well, with race winner Josh Ferenc running a blistering 1:59.

But all was not lost for NETT this weekend and several other members rallied to save our reputation. Karen Ringheiser won the women's division at the RJ Crowley's 3 mile race in Newton. Karen finished 16th overall in 3-mile race in 19:08, a mere 10 seconds in front of the the second place woman (16 years her junior!). Congrats Karen. Honorable mention goes to Dima Feinhaus' son, Isaac, who took second in the males 0-19 age group in 22:56.

And our other Karyn (Miller-Medzon, or Eminem, as she's known on the streets of Belmont), took a top 30 and FOURTH MASTERS women's place at the Marathon Sports City Run 5 Miler in Cambridge. Rumor has it she danced around after her 38:30, singing "I'm the real Shady, all you other Miller-Medzons are just imitateys" (okay, I'm not up on my hip hop lyrics).

Also, in the "Saving our Face" category, Frank KJ put in a strong run at the Upton 15K on Saturday, finishing 14th overall in 58:53. If you can believe it, he was 8th master with that finish--a very competitive master's field!

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