Tuesday, September 02, 2008

NETTers Labor hard on Labor Day weekend

MiniPonies were out hoofing it up all over the place this weekend. Here's a report from Paul Young:

On Sunday I returned to Wapack after a 9 year absence and ended up in a very tight race for first place. Garry Harrington, Keith Schmitt, Peter Keeney and yours truly all reached the turnaround in close order. I pushed the pace on the fire roads heading back and managed to gap those guys and make it to top of the last big climb in first place only to get turned around on the ridges and blow my cushion. Garry managed a kamikazee down hill on the final single track hill and gapped me by around 20-25 seconds. Final result was a PR in 2:39:05 but second place. Garry, Peter and I all broke 2:40."

Also note, Dima Feinhaus and Karen Ringheiser were at Wapack, with Dima finishing in 3:08 and Karen second woman in 3:40.

Karen and Dima also headed down to the Walpole Road Race, where they bumped into Karyn Miller-Medzon. Here's Karen's report:

"Karen came in second in her age group in the 10k and Dima finished 4th overall (I think).That, despite having run a very difficult race the day before (GREAT training for RTB!!!) I tried an "inaugural" attempt at 5k post-surgery in Walpole, wasn't sure I'd finish at all, and ended up with 25:06 (slowest since the first race I ran in 2002....but a milestone nonetheless). My boys also ran (Daniel in 20 flat and Noah in 22:50). That's our Labor Day update!"

Congrats to all!


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