Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NETT Travelogue: Taiwan

Frank and Tina recently took a trip to Taiwan and were gracious enough to provide us with a review of their trip!

Tina and I just returned from a trip to Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore so I wanted to share a few photos with you. This time I borrowed a mountain bike and thus was able to venture a bit further up into the Yangmingshan mountains. I have created the route I took up here it is 8.4M all uphill for a total of 2500 ft and an average grade of roughly 5.5% (very similar to the Kanc) but with some very steep sections that it was nearly impossible to ride.

This was taken about halfway up with Mt Datun (1077m in the background

Folks practicing tai chi at sunrise.

These are the sulfur pits at Mt Cising (seven star mountain) – it is still an active volcano!

As I crested the top I can see the clouds on the other side below me rolling in from the Pacific Ocean.

The view from Mt Datun towards the sulfur pits and with “Bamboo Lake” in the foreground. It used to be a lake long time ago but it is now dried up and very fertile because of the lava soil.

Refueling at the local 7-Eleven.

There are no moose in Taiwan but apparently I need to watch out for low flying owls! Good to know.

We spent 3 days at a resort on Bintan Island in Indonesia. It is located right above the Equator so the temperature was a solid 90F when I went for a run around the resort.

Tina chose to ride the elephant instead of a bike this time!

Last stop was Singapore where I went out for a run in the morning and swung by Raffles Hotel.

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