Saturday, April 03, 2010

Multi-Brick gets multisport season off in strong fashion

Frank and Tina helped NETT tune up for the multisport season by organizing and hosting a multi-brick workout at their place in Lincoln. Here's Frank's report:

First of all the weather was phenomenal making it feeli more like racing a duathlon in June than do a workout in early April.

The usual suspects included Joe, Bruce, Martin, Jim, and me. Martin showed up on his new ‘Felt’ (see photo) which he had literally picked up less than 24 hours before and thus never had a chance to ride. Talk about a serious way to break in a new ride! Barry joined the action and showed incredible strength and speed. After missing the peloton of Joe, Bruce and Frank on the first bike leg he single-handedly closed the gap and then steadily increased his lead on each laps thanks to some very fast run splits. Ed (swims with Minuteman Masters) got my email around 8:15am in the morning, packed his gear and biked from Burlington to Lincoln, then did all four laps looking relaxed and smooth

Joe looked strong overall; Bruce substituted a couple of the run legs for chatting with the local residents; and Jim was kind of “now you see me, now you don’t”. I, myself, had a good workout thanks to drafting behind Joe and using Barry as motivation for the run. Coffee and bagels on the porch afterwards - not bad for a spring day in New England.

Hopefully the calendar allows for another multi-brick later in the spring.

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Anonymous said...

What is a "multi-brick" workout? I imagine it's biking and running....laps?

Nonbye Kerr