Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scientific proof that short runners age slower than average people!!!

There is rejoicing amongst the Lollipop Guild!

Some recent research proves what we all already knew--short runners age slower than the rest of the world! According to some recent research nicely covered here in Wired, time moves slower the closer you are to the earth and also the more you move.

According to Wired, "Time dilation arises in two situations. In one case, time appears to move slower the closer you are to a massive object, such as the Earth. So a person hovering in a hot-air balloon, for example, actually ages faster than someone standing below."

So by that theory, yes, the shorter you are, the slower you age, right? RIGHT?

Secondly, "Time also ticks by faster for someone at rest relative to someone moving. Einstein dramatized this second strangeness with the twin paradox — one 25-year-old twin traveling in a rocket ship near the speed of light for what he perceives as a few months will return to Earth to find the other has reached middle age."

So, someone that moves a LOT--like a daily runner--ages slower.

So, short runners rejoice! We do, in fact, age slower than others. And I, for one, plan to make the most of those extra few seconds we Munchkins get by doing more of this kind of stuff.


Karyn said...

Best news I've heard in ages! Keep up the expert research, Dave. That's why you're paid the big bucks!

Frank said...

Some people believe we all only have a fixed number of heart beats - so you better run low and slow. I wonder how Leo feels about this research