Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tina's Take on Boston

As many of you know, Tina Wang basically defied the laws of nature and came back from having a baby to run Boston in a few short months. Here's her take on how the race played out:

"I know that I wasn't as disciplined as Karyn on the training so I knew that I would definitely bonk during the second half of the marathon. So the strategy was to run as fast as I could during the first half. Yup, weird strategy and opposite to what everybody else recommends. The first half I felt good. But the second half, oh, boy, was a torture. Frank and Nicholas were waiting for me at mile 23. Which was great, but meant I couldn't even drop out before then. If I made it to mile 23, I guess I'd better finish it. Then during the final 2K, I thought, hey if I can finish with 3:40, I might have a little chance to register for Boston next year (I will be "allowed" to registered on the third day, I believe). Therefore, I picked up my pace a bit and finished in 3:38. I was so sore the next couple days....... I have never been this sore after a marathon before. This is what happens when you don't train enough, I guess.

I am so glad that Karyn, Liz, Deb, and Peter all did so well. I am so proud of everybody!

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