Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Congrats to Marshall!

Warning: If you have a fragile ego and are in your 20s or 30s--seriously, don't read the next paragraph. Skip down to the video.

HUGE congrats to our pal Marshall who, at 63 years young, ripped out a 3:13 at the hilly, windy Cape Cod Marathon last week. That's 3:13 at 63 years old! Insane.

Marshall never fails to impress us and reminds us that you're as fast as you feel. So in his honor, I'm going to post my new favorite video featuring a couple other running idols that captures the spirit of it all. So watch the video, raise a glass and sing it loud: I Never Wanna Grow Old!


Karyn said...

When I grow up (and it won't be long!) I want to BE Marshall! Congrats on an amazing job!!!

Frank said...

Insane. And I will not mention Ed Whitlock here - although I am sure Marshall is familiar with him.

Anonymous said...

Love how well the words of the song match with Marshall's efforts to "forget about the lions chasing me" "I've got a young heart!"