Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What's Wrong with this Picture?

According to these statistics from our Meetup group, our total membership (blue) is up but plateauing, while our ACTIVE membership (red) is on a steady decline. Is it time to make some changes in the NETT membership policies? NETT members speak now!


Karyn said...

Do we have policies??
Instead of a User Fee, how about a Non-User fee. If you are a member on the list and do not participate in a minimum number of events per year (season?) you have to pay some kind of fee (or penalty).
Will that inspire the masses?

Frank said...

Generally I like charts with a high blue representation and a low red representation but since NETT is a community where all Yooks are Zooks that does not apply here. As for the Blue numbers they include 3 groups: 1) Active members, 2) Previously active members who have moved elsewhere, are raising kids etc. but still are NETT’er by heart so they are always welcome to hang around on Meetup, and 3) people who signed up but never attended an event. I say we regularly prune category 3 people from the list. Regarding increasing the attendance my take is that a small team will always have fluctuations. All we can do is keep encouraging people to organize and attend events, then see which ones stick and which ones don’t. Successful events include Monday Night, Weekend long runs, and Bruch Runs – that’s a lot better than some big Boston triathlon teams can say. Lastly, what really sets NETT apart is that we have no fees, no pressure to attend races or volunteer, no speed limit (upper or lower), no surface discrimination, not even sport discrimination. In the end these values are what will attract the right people to NETT. I think we are doing just fine.

Mary said...

General question, how effective is meetup for recruiting new memebers - I'd be interested in what percentage of "Active Members" found NETT via Meetup??

New England Track and Trail said...

Interesting convo here. 1. Non-user fee (via charity donation) is interesting. 2.We do prune cat 3 regularly. 3. Meetup if very effective for brining new members who never show up (cat 3 by Frank's definition). I don't see NETT members really coming from it--more of an organization tool.

Maybe focus of our discussion should be ways to encourage new/stagnant members to come out more often. More food? NETT Grand Prix series? Perks?

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Anonymous said...

Don't give me the axe - I'll be better about attending...promise!