Monday, February 20, 2012

Frank Flies at Foxboro

Congrats to Frank KJ for taking the master's win in the 5K at the Old Fashioned 10 Miler and 5K in Foxboro. Here's his report:

"I surprised myself with a better than expected 5K race today, running 18:13 and taking 2nd in the Masters and 5th overall. Of course all the fast people were in the 10 miler but I took home a trophy that says 1st 40-49 thanks to no double-dipping. The winner, who's a master, ran a freaking 15:59. I found myself in 7th out of the gate. At mile one a Saucony female runner came up along me and we paced each for the next one mile but in the end I was a bit stronger into the wind and put some time between her and me. By the way my GPS showed 3.16M and 5:46 pace - sound even better than the official 5:53 pace so I will go with that."

In the 10 miler, a couple more Mini Pony Masters put in strong runs, with the Youngstah cranking a 1:03 and Chris Smith putting down a 1:04 for the 10 miler course. When are those Fluff people going to call about a sponsorship?? Chris isn't gettin' any younger!


Anonymous said...

Nice going Frank. Thanks for cheering for me at the end! I was in a bit of O2 debt. Chris had me clearly beaten by 5 miles but his hamstring had other ideas.
All in all not a bad day although I was a bit slower than last years time. Must be my oldageitis flaring up!

Karyn said...

Go Frank, Paul and Chris! Nice job! Can you imagine what would have happened if you'd eaten food this year Chris? (Cover of Sports Illustrated??).
Go Mini-Ponies!