Sunday, March 25, 2012

How not to taper for a 10K

Frank KJ provides his thoughts on his preparation for his second place finish at the Malden 10K Race

Last Saturday: Great long run. Sunday: Great bike ride.

Monday: Total headache - allergy or cold. Definitely a cold.

Tuesday: Went through what seemed like 5 Kleenex boxes

Wednesday: Went through what seemed like 4 Kleenex boxes. Swam 25 minutes and biked one hour in the gorgeous weather; riding way too hard for a person with a cold!

Thursday: Went through what seemed like 3 Kleenex boxes. Headache gone so attempted to run - after 60 seconds my body begged me to stop. So I walked back home

Friday: Went through what seemed like only 1 Kleenex box. Yeah

Saturday. Game day decision to race. First mile was good. Next 3 miles were like "I think this was a bad idea". Last two miles I pulled myself together if not physically then at least mentally. Ended up taking 3rd overall and 1st master (or so I believe). Not quite the time I was looking for but I will take it and hope the warm weather returns soon.

And I am still keeping the Kleenex box nearby.

Nice work Frank! Third place in any 10K is...wait for it.....NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT!!!

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Karyn said...

GREAT race report Frank. Could be my favorite! And that SNOT something I say often. Bahahahahaha!