Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Things Get Messy at Greenfield "Tri"

Frank KJ journeyed out to Greenfield this weekend and came across some interesting challenges. Here's his report:

I raced at Greenfield Triathlon today - or should I say Greenfield Bike & Run.
The swim was canceled because as the photos show there was hardly any water in the river. Earlier this week they had to empty out the water (open the dam) because of some human error resulting in water pollution. Instead they started us out with short 200m dash to the bike racks. I was quickly out first in my wave (45+) together with another person. Throughout the entire bike leg we went back and forth depending on the terrain with me pulling away on the hills and he on the downhills. We never drafted on each other but nevertheless the referee came up and gave me a 2 minute penalty for falling back far enough after being passed before re-passing - B.S.

Afterward I spoke with the other guy and he actually thought he got the penalty. Annoying when the athletes both agree there was no foul play and some referee has to screw it up. I put the (slow) hammer down on the run and pulled away quickly to run the 5K in 19:57. In the end I was over one minute ahead of the other guy but still ended up one minute behind in the results - and was robbed of a podium spot as he ended up 3rd overall and I ended up 4th overall. Still I am very happy with my bike split which compares to 23.3 mph and with going under 20 minutes on the run leg.

Results at http://www.coolrunning.com/results/12/ma/Aug5_Greenf_set1.shtml

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