Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mini Ponies Stampede Through Belmont at Brendan's 5K

The Mini Ponies galloped through the  12th Annual Brendan's Home Run 5K race in Belmont this weekend. Here's a report from Karyn M-M who hosted NETTers at her place after the race for a brunch.

"We had a nice time -- we ran over to the track from my house. Slava, Chrissy, Martin and Lincoln met us
there, as did Ron and Louie. Along the course we saw NETTer/NYCer Deb Robertson -- who is very noticeably  pregnant! We invited her to come along to brunch, which she did.

Everyone ran well. Noah and Marshall dueled it out and Noah edged out Marshall in the last 100 meters (he swears he didn't use CP's elbow trick…though I'm not sure) and came in ahead by a hair (PR for Noah and 1st place in his age group for Marshall).  Slava, Chris and Mary ran well. So did Daniel, who hadn't raced in about 2 years. Amanda was happy with her run as well.  The gang jogged back to my house for brunch, which included beet salad (wish I'd had it before the race!). Tina, Nicholas, Emma and Dustin joined us for brunch. All in all an
excellent NETT day."

By the numbers, NETT was all over the age group results with a 1st, two seconds, a fourth and on and on.

To see more pictures check NETT on The Facebook here.

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Mary said...

Looks like Noah has joined in the "Mary & Marshall Rivalry"!! I'm almost scared to race against him when he comes back from training in Peru.