Sunday, December 14, 2014

Strong Results from the Annual "NETT Winter Double Header"

The NETT Mini Ponies produced some quality results during its annual "Winter Double Header" that includes running the Assault on Mount Hood XC Race on Saturday and Walter's Run on Sunday.

On Saturday the Melrose Running Club hosted an NETT favorite event at the Assault on Mount Hood. This year the organizers had to call an audible on the course design the day before the race. To the club's credit the last-minute course changes were well-marked and worked out well.

NETT's men's masters team took second place, with Fluffy Chris, Crazy Dave, Big Ben, Patrick and Andy all powering their way over the very challenging course. That's three nutcrackers for those keeping score. Ethan was the lone NETT "open" male putting in a hard enough effort to produce just the right amount of nausea and enjoyment.

The NETT women scored sixth in the open category with Kristin, Alison, and Bridget pulling together a great team effort. Kristin grabbed third in the women's masters division as well.

The post-race at the Assault was the usual fun. Nutcrackers, pasta, and free beer for all that wanted it. Seriously does it get much better than that?

Maybe it was the free beer or the simple excitement of racing XC again, but Big Ben seemed to take a particularly strong affection for his new friend, the nutrcracker.

At first it was just a pleasant prize. "I like my nutracker," Benny said. "He's fancy."

Then he decided he likes the nutcracker enough he's going to steal a kiss from the nutcracker. "Did you like that nutcracker?" "Uh oh...I don't like where this is going," says Doris.
Of course, then it just got weird, with Ben going hog wild on his new friend. Doris tries in vain to shield the eyes of the other nutcrackers from the adult activity happening only inches away.

With the weirdness behind us, on Sunday, it was onto another NETT favorite, Walter's Run 5K in West Roxbury, hosted by the Parkway Running Club. NETT's provided strong support for this race the past several years and done pretty darn well in the age group results and this year was no different. Bob was the big winner for NETT, finishing first in his age group with a huge PR on the course. And three Mini Ponies did the double and produced great results--  Alison finished 7th female overall and third in her age group. Fluffy Chris notched a second place in the very competitive men's masters field followed by Crazy Dave nabbing a third in the division. Apparently racing these back-to-back races gave Dave and Alison devil eyes while Fluffy gained a nuclear glow.

As always, the Parkway Running Club put on a fantastic, family-friendly event. The new venue (the West Roxbury Irish American Club) was a great place for pre- and post-race activities. There were literally dozens of volunteers (including Doris) out on the course to direct the runners and piles of raffle prizes.

All in all, it was a great NETT-style weekend of racing and fun.

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Karyn said...

Big Ben and that Nutcracker...I just can't 'unsee' it.