Saturday, January 02, 2016

From the Archives: Lou's 4x1600 Relay

This time of year always makes some of us (okay one of us) remember one of the earliest NETT successes on the track. In one of our first years, we had two teams run in the Lou's 4x1600 relay on the (then) brand new BU indoor track. Here's a page from my log book with a card that includes the splits for both teams. Pretty impressive.

Anyone remember what year this was? Or even better, who the individual runners were?

To find out, check out the results posted here: Lou's 4x1600 relay results.


Karyn said...

Who was running?

Patrick McVeigh said...

Impressive. I think under 6:00 is the new under 5:00.

Karyn said...

I agree OP! Or, in my case, under 7 is the new under 5 ;)

Crazy Dave said...

I honestly can't recall who ran the eight lega. My best guess is Crazy Dave, PMiller, Bruce, Youngstah, Jerry, DaveShack, Toledo Joe andBig Ben??? I think i have photos somewhere.