Monday, March 06, 2017

Hitting the Trails and Roads's almost Spring, right?

With temps in the 60s last weekend and all the snow melted the NETT crew thought this weekend would be perfect for trail running and road racing. Ummm...yeah not quite.

On Saturday a hearty group braved temps in the teens at best to run the Lincoln trails. It was great to see Paddlah Steve out there where he is most comfortable even when we're all uncomfortable in freezing cold!

Glad THAT'S over!

To the victors go the chemical and calories
On Sunday, a few of the Mini Ponies tackled the Stu's 30K road race out in Clinton, Mass. And wow, was it a tough one. Veteran runners said this was the windiest they'd ever seen Stu's and when you add that to the always-daunting hills in this race, it made for a very tough race mentally and physically.

But never fear, the Mini Ponies aren't scared off by a little (okay, a lot) of wind. Joe C led the charge coming in at 2:05 somehow faster than last year! Matt and Dave came in a bit later at 2:13 and Karyn MM held together very well for a 2:53.

Great results on a very tough course on a very tough day. The Mini Ponies don't often take the easy way out!

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