Sunday, December 14, 2008

NETT scores big at Mt. Hood and enjoys the fruits of their labor

It was a busy weekend for the NETT crew, mixing with the Assault on Mt. Hood XC Race in Melrose on Saturday and another wildly successful brunch run on Sunday at Casa de Miller-Medzon.
At the Assault on Mt. Hood, it was the NETT ladies who were all smiles, easily defending their women's crown with a top-notch team led by Adrienne Cyrulik, Mary Smith, Karen Ringheiser, Katherine De Zutter (seen here), Karyn Miller-Medzon and Chrissy Durden. (Note results on coolrunning are innacurate and RD has confirmed NETT's team score well ahead of the other women's teams). After their impressive win at Andover a couple weeks ago, they really have gotten used to the paparazzi attention.

On the men's side, it was all the Mini Ponies finishing up in third place (by a mere two points). Team members included Crazy Dave, Chris Smith, Ryan Hunt (an early NETT runner that comes out of semi-retirement each year for this race), Martin Bures, Dima Feinhaus, Jack Burke, (who brought along not only the always lovely Jen this time, but also his brother Paul) and Jim De Zutter.

Just as last year, the Assault on Mt. Hood was capped off with a great post-race party including free beer and a plentiful pasta dinnner that can't be beat. Age-group awards included the much sought after Tough as Nails Ale homebrew.
More photos from the Assault can be found here on the Melrose Running Club's site.

On Sunday, it was the NETT holiday brunch run hosted by the ever hospitable Miller-Medzons. After a nice run down to Fresh Pond, it was back to the house for a great brunch at Dr. Ron's waffle house. It was a great chance to relax and socialize for NETT members old and new. Special thanks to Ron, Karyn, Noah and Daniel for the hospitality.

There was even a nice surprise at the brunch some of you might have missed--Oona proposing to Doris, which came as a surprise to almost all of us--especially Bridget and Crazy Dave! Thomas, however, seemed to be unphased, yawning at the prospect of a second mommy, and more concerned with what everyone was planning to be for Halloween next year.

And with the Patriots capping the weekend off with a thrashing of that biker gang-turned football team, it was just about the perfect weekend anyone could hope for.

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