Sunday, November 30, 2008

NETT dominates Andover XC Race again

It was a tour de force for the NETT teams at the Andover Country Club XC Race today in Andover, Mass. with the men's team easily taking their fifth team title and the women battling it out for a four-point win to defend their own title.

The men's team was just an army of MiniPonies galloping around the golf course, winning with a score of 25 points. The massive squad included: Paul Miller-Medzon (the M-M family liked Paul and Alex so much they decided to adopt Paul, apparently), Crazy Dave, Dave Mingori (who ran out of his mind in a PR time), NETT rising stars Pat Dwyer and Martin Bures (see how tightly bunched the four NETTers are here), stalwarts Jerry De Zutter, Paul Young and Frank KJ, Janos Mako, XC star in training Brian Scanlon, Noah "Little Skittles" Miller-Medzon, trail expert Jack Burke and the always enthusiastic Jim De Zutter, who threw down the hardest kick of the day flying to the finish line. That's a baker's dozen of coyotes out there ripping up the course for our fifth straight men's team win at Andover, dating all the way back to 2004.

The Ponyettes had a much tougher job, in an extremely competitive women's field, but definitely rose to the occassion, successfully defending their title with a tiny score of 14 points, only four points in front of AHS (?) in second and five points in front of MRC in third. Led by Adrienne Cyrulik, who's wrapping up a very strong fall, the women's team also included Tina "I hate trails" Wang, rapidly rising star Katherine De Zutter, NETT newcomer Peggy Davis and a slightly disabled Karyn "Eminem" Miller-Medzon and trail expert Chrissy Durden. Jack's better half Jenn was also ripping it up out on the course (just in case she thought her great run went under the radar).

All in all, it was a banner day for our growing team. Special thanks go out to Dr. Ron's Daycare as well as Alex Miller and Jimmy De Zutter for their steadfast support of NETT.

One thing you notice in reviewing the photos is the groupings of NETT runners working together. Dave H, Dave M, Pat D and Martn all ran close. Jerry and Paul ran their umpeenth race in close proximity. Chrissy and Eminem were neck and neck. Photos even show Jack and Katherine pacing together mid-race. Great stuff.

NETT fun fact: Andover was the first race we did as "NETT" back in 2002 (see results here), when the men (we didn't even dream of a women's team back then-we didn't even have uniforms yet) finished second with 69 points.

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