Friday, February 27, 2009

Burke takes to Euro XC like a duck to, well, mud

The NETT news desk got a great story filed in from Jack Burke, a guy who's never afraid to mix it up on multiple surfaces--and multiple continents apparently. Here's Jack's report:

Jenn and I took 63 kids to London over the Feb break (Editor's Note: Jack and Jenn are teachers, not kidnappers). That in itself was a feat of endurance. I managed to run a cross country race on the outskirts of London with some of our high school runners in the group. UK Cross Country is an animal unlike any cross country experience that exists over here. Our kids who usually run 5:50's ran over 8 minutes and I hobbled through 5 miles barely hitting 9:30's.

We were woefully unprepared - the English runners had spikes the size of pencils and the terrain was like running through a damp marsh after several weeks of rain. So with each step you sunk in a few feet and slipped at the same time. We ran this in trainers ;-)...I was able to redeem myself at the Amherst Ten Miler - not sure I saw any other NETT folk out there - I think you guys were all on the Cape. I ran 7:45's over ten miles thanks to all the good training I suffered through with you guys over the winter. I was happy with that time given the course was very tough. I think this would be a good course to have a team at in the future - it's seems like a very NETT type event - lots of huge hills, dirt roads and some good straightaways to make up time.

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