Sunday, March 01, 2009

Stamina and Perseverance at Stu’s 30K

A host of NETTers ran Stu's 30K today with some encouraging results and a few wrinkles. We've got reports in from Frank KJ and Karyn Eminem. First we'll get Frank's take on the race:

"Keeping with tradition Mother Nature dished up with challenging weather conditions for the Stu’s 30K. And that for course that offers plenty of challenges by itself.

It was the boys’ day with solid performances by Frank K, Jerry, and Marshall. Frank finished just outside the Masters podium with a time of 2:03. Not far behind in 2:07 Jerry showed off his bike pistons and Southern Californian life style by wearing shorts and sun glasses. Randolph cruised effortless to another age-group win in 2:15– and that in some pretty cool looking racing flats.

The girls had a rough day. Karyn MM and her training partner Peter Evers hosted a wine-tasting fundraiser the night before and unfortunately, both had trouble today (more on that in Karyn's report). We all know that Tina is not thrilled about snow and ice. Now add losing both contact lenses around 20K making it possible to only see the ground a few feet in front of you and you can perhaps get a sense of what Tina experienced in the last 10K. Similarly to Karyn she showed true NETT spirit and finished the course in 2:41.

Finally, thanks to Jim, Katherine and Jim Jr de Zutter for coming out to cheer and snap photos."

Thanks Frank. And now we'll hear Karyn's review of what turned out to be a tough day for her and Peter:

"Stunning Discovery: Runners who drink wine until 1 a.m. and then run 30 km do NOT PR. As it turns out, the Stu's 30K race is every bit as miserable as we remembered it. It was snowing, it was blowing and it was cold. The hills were hilly and the flats were slippery! Peter was oddly euphoric for the first 6 miles or so (leftover wine in the system?) whereas my IT bands were tight from the beginning. All was going fairly well until the 15 mile mark when BOTH Peter and I (hard to believe, but absolutely true) starting getting migraine headaches. Still, we continued at a steady pace. Then, at 16, Peter's IT band, which had started bothering him around mile 12, really acted up and he needed to walk for a minute. I continued on, though by the time I reached 16.5 I had almost no vision at all (just a lot of shimmery lights and a little space directly in front of my nose). Since walking with no vision is no better than running (plus it gets you there more slowly) I figured I might as well just get to the finish line. And I did! Peter was only a minute or two behind. I think I finished in about 2:45 and Peter about 2:47. We immediately took drugs, and I got a lift home from our third running buddy, the ever-injured Alex! After the race, Frank said he felt like someone was squeezing his gluteal muscles, hard, the whole time. To which Peter responded: "Sounds nice, actually!"

Yikes...sounds like a tough day, but the good news is that Karyn and Peter's hard work the night before raised a buttload of money for the Family Reach Charity, which Peter will be running Boston for. See and article on him here.

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