Monday, March 16, 2009

NETT runs hard and long...for free beer

Free beer. Are there any words quite so sweet? Well it's no secret that a certain slice--okay a big slice--of the Mini Ponies put those sweet words at the top of their priority list in selecting which events they attend (it's no conincidence that we dominate the Andover XC race every year). And this weekend was a perfect example.

First off, big congrats to Jerry De Zutter for a blazing fast 5K at the Annual Ras na hEireann in Somerville this weekend. Jerry scorched a wicked 17:22 and just got nudged out for top master's honors by our pal Harris Hardy, who also had a very strong run in 17:18, so congrats to him. Adam Brown also seems to have come out of winter hibernation and uncorked an 18:20 on the course.

When asked about his strong results, Jerry told the NETT news department:
"Yes I was pleased with that time. I would term the course fast. Harris put in a nice kick to get in front of me at the end. After finishing, I made a beeline for the Burren, stopping to chat with John Kinnee who ran with someone elses number, and quaffed a few free beers with Adam and Rod Moreno nestled deep in the womb of the Burren." (If you look closely at the above picture from, you'll see Jerry's carrying a bottle opener in his left hand!)

Clearly a man with his priorities straight.

Also getting their priorities straight were a group of NETTers who headed up to the Run to the Beach 30K organized training run. The squad of Dave Mingori, Brian Scanlon, Mary Smith, Crazy Dave, Jean Dany and the Youngstah all toiled away for more than 18 miles from North Andover to Salisbury, flying past car dealers and Dunkin Donuts aplenty all for what? FREE BEER! We were all delighted to find that upon finishing at the Winner's Circle Pub in Salisbury the suds were on the house for those who ran.

Thankfully there were enough Mini Ponies in the crew that they could pry Crazy Dave's hands from the bar when it was time to go home. "But it's free--Which part of FREE BEER don't you jackasses understand?" he was heard screaming as his teammates dragged him out to the parking lot.

It was a great event courtesy of the Winner's Circle Running Club and the Andover striders. Volunteers on the run not only spent their Sunday morning setting up water stops and cheering us on a training run, but even shard their own Coors Light at mile 15 (Gives new meaning to the term "road soda"). What more could you ask for?

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Anonymous said...

Good picture! The bottle opener's primary purpose was to "pry" himself away from the field! Nice job!