Sunday, June 06, 2010

NETT celebrates in style at Corrib 5K

There's nothing better than a surprise, is there? Weather holding out when it was supposed to be a washout. A friend offering to run with you just to keep you company. Shaking the Governor's hand on the street. Those were just some of the pleasant surprises for the extended NETT family on Sunday at the Corrib 5K race and post-race cookout.

The race itself saw some very gutsy performances by NETT runners. Chris Smith was his ever-consistent self, churning out a 17:42 on the hilly course, good for 15th overall and 8th master--yeah, it was a pretty stiff field, especially in the 40-plus group. Crazy Dave benefitted from the stacked master's field by finishing 3rd in his age group in 17:15.

The gutsiest performance of the day came from Little Skittles, however. As you can see he was all business on the course, kicking like an absolute demon to finish in 21:24. And just for good measure, the kid jets off to a soccer game after the race while the rest of us had a nap.

"Geez, where ARE those slow old people? I've been done for like 20 minutes!"

On the woment's side, Deb Robertson tested out her racing speed and produced a 23:16 for her efforts. Look for big things later this year from Deb, as she's on a new program with a very elite new coach guiding her training.

Doris had a surprise racing partner when Tina showed up and generously offered to run the race with her. Misery loves company, as we at NETT love to say.

After the race it was back to Dave and Doris' for a cookout with some special guests. A couple members of the extended NETT "family" even got to shake hands with Gov. Deval Patrick, who was attending a party in the neighborhood.

"M...A....R...yes, that's good."

Adrienne even treated folks to a demonstration of her "index finger hypnosis technique." "Now Chris, I want you to touch your chin with your index finger...."

Doris and Dave still have plenty of leftover food, so feel free to stop by any night this week for a hot dog!


Anonymous said...

I Love the expression on Noah's face (makes him look fierce).

Thanks again Dave & Doris for hosting the after-party!!

Anonymous said...

Great running everyone.
Sorry I missed it.
Surfing was great down South.

Deb said...

Great S'mores, really great...