Monday, May 24, 2010

NETT takes two podium spots at Black Bear duathlon

Some great multisport results from up North this weekend. Here's Frank's report:

Martin took 1st place in the Black Bear short-course duathlon and Frank repeated his 2nd place finish from last year in the long course. And NETT friend and fellow Minuteman swimmer Keri Boyle won the women’s long course. And thanks to Chrissy for coming along to cheer.

This year the short-course and long-course were on the same day. The short-course started at 8am and Martin took the lead right from the start – so much that he actually overshot a turn and had to backtrack. Martin had great bike leg and held the lead into T2 and he could then pretty much cruise the last 5K to victory. To be things in perspective he matched the time of Patrick Dwyer from last year and Pat is a very good duathlete by my standards. Congratulations to Martin and I am sure he will be at the top of the podium many more times.

I had to work hard for my second place this year as I had another guy chase me the entire last 7.5K. In fact so hard that I ended up with the fastest run split for the 2nd run leg. My first run was a repeat of last year and put me in 3rd place going into the bike leg. On the final uphill section of the bike leg l I passed the guy and second and was able to put some time between him and me. But another guy had also passed him and he closed in on me a little more than I liked forcing me to run beyond my comfort zone on the second run. Buy hey “pain is temporary, pride is forever”.

Unlike last year, we had beautiful weather this year and I have the sun burn and red neck to prove it.

Black Bear duathlon is a great race but unless more people show up it likely won’t stick around. Hopefully more NETT’ers will be able to put this race into their calendar next year. Even if it means I will drop from 2nd place to my place in the pecking order."

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