Sunday, February 27, 2011

NETT comes out of hibernation at Hyannis

Despite the very tough winter, it's clear the members of NETT have remained steadfastly focused on their training this year, as evidenced by the performances thrown down at the Hyannis races this weekend. Heck, just getting to the race was a challenge, as the New England winter threw us another curveball on Sunday, dropping several inches of snow in the morning.

In the 10K, Frank KJ blistered out a near-PR 36:18, finishing third overall. The ages of the first place and second place finsher combined are still less than Frank's age! Great work Frank. (It's a good day for the Danish, as I type this, a Danish film, In a Better World, just won the Oscar for the best foreign film).

In the half-marathon, Martin Bures led the charge, knocking out a 1:22 in despite less-than-ideal conditions. On the ladies' side, Karyn Miller-Medzon cranked a speedy 1:48, clearly having a strong winter of training. Deb Robertson was just a bit back in 1:49, according to the netttime.

Congrats to all! Great work out there.

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Frank said...

And big congrats to Youngstah for a kickass time in the marathon - of course running in shorts.