Monday, March 14, 2011

Liz tackles Stu's, Dave makes masters' debut

It's been a bit quiet on the racing front, but here's a couple NETT results from the past couple weeks.

Liz Haacke's dedicated Boston training showed through in her performance at Stu's 30K on March 6. Liz churned out a 2:36 in her first run on the hilly 30K course.

"I felt good the whole race," Liz said. "I didn't go out too fast which was good. I ran pretty hard, but I think I could have run harder. I definitely think my hill workouts have been helping, the hills were challenging, but I never came to something and thought I couldn't handle it. I was by myself for a good few miles, and during those miles I think I slowed down, but then someone picked me up a mile or so past the half way point and we talked the rest of the race, which helped keep my pace up a bit. And, in really good news, I was not too sore after the race, so no injuries or too much of a beating on my legs."

Congrats Liz!

And in other racing news, Crazy Dave made his master's debut, but not in a running race. He finished in the top half (just barely!) of the Bretton Woods Nordic 20K race this past weekend, finishing 50th place in 1:43 in his first "official" classic nordic ski race.

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