Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Back to Business: NETT hits the roads and trails

Well it's been an odd/difficult/emotional -- pick your adjective -- period to be a runner, a Bostonian, a human lately. But  NETT is doing its part to make sure the terrorists don't win. And that means running -- a lot.

First off, big congrats to NETT's Boston marathoners Marshall and Amanda. At first, in the wake of all that happened, congratulating finishers in the marathon just seemed insensitive to those that were injured or died that day. But Martin, Krystal, and Lu  were all there to support runners and ignoring the great performances that day the great spirit that drew these folks to the finish line. So here we go:

Marshall ran his usual strong race finishing 16th in his age group, in 3:17. Just amazing. Amanda laid down a PR time of 3:24 after putting in a very very solid training period and racing very smart. Mark my words--this is just the beginning for this Ponyette.

Since the fateful day NETT has been busy in more ways than one. We ran a memorial run along the marathon course from Natick into the finish line area to visit the memorial. There are some pictures of our visit here on the NETT Facebook page.

More recently, this past weekend, NETT hit the trails in a big way. Big congrats go out to Bob Segal who won his age group in not one, but TWO trail races this weekend! Here's Bob's report:

"You may recall, that I accidentally double-booked myself this weekend with the TARC half-marathon Sat. in Jericho Woods, Weston and the Foxtrot 10-miler at Blue Hills Sunday (which I registered for without remembering I had the TARC race that same weekend). So I decided to race the half marathon hard as I could to better my time from last year and maybe place in the top 3 in my age group. I improved my time by 10 minutes and came in first! See the results here. 

On Sunday I decided to go easy and see how I felt. Lots of rocks and hills (I can see how you fell and broke your ribs there) but by mile 5, I still felt pretty good so I picked up the pace to see what I could do. I finished first again!" See the results here. Lovin' this new age group so far ... must be the beet juice I continue to drink before every race."

Nice work Bob. Meanwhile on Saturday, Crazy Dave and Chris hit the trails in the Blue Hills for the Blue HIlls Brewery's South Shore Trail Race. It was ultra-low key (self-timed, no official results) but important number to remember was two-that's how many beer tickets each runner got! (Chris was second overall, Crazy fourth, by the way).

And Sunday it was really back to the normal with a brunch run at Frank + Tina's the most NETT of all NETT activities.

We'll never forget those that were directly and indirectly affected by the events on Marathon Monday and if I know NETT, we'll be organizing more events to honor the victims and raise money to help them. But it's also good to be back to normal, trying to spread good vibes through running.

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