Thursday, May 30, 2013

NETT's Inside Take on the Vermont City Marathon and Relay

Now that the NETT crew from the Vermont City Marathon and relay finally dried out from all that rain, Eminem sent in their race report.

"I cannot say enough about what a resolute team we have. Despite unbelievably bad weather -- powerful rain, temps that felt like mid-30s, and very strong winds -- no one even considered backing out. Not even Soggy Shoes Cyrulik!

Everyone was at their appointed spots at their appointed times, everyone ran as though the sun was shining. Marshall doled extra sets of warm clothing to under-prepared team mates, Noah stood shivering at the starting line in his NETT singlet, Tina provided her hotel room for soggy mini ponies between running legs, and Amanda ran nine miles just to keep me company. Daniel -- who didn't have to run at all…I had recommended he stay home -- stood out at mile 20 waiting for me to arrive, (after waiting for Noah at his transition) and ran through puddles to pace me to the finish line at 3:57.

And Frank and Emma (dressed fashionably from head to toe in rain gear) watched the start and the finish. As for Zack and Chris, they ran as though propelled by beet juice and refined sugar. (Okay…they WERE propelled by beet juice and refined sugar). 

I wouldn't recommend running a "Marathon Splashdown" (as the Burlington Free Press called it), but if you're going to run one, my recommendation would be to join NETT first.

The Chrono Track results have more info than the coolrunning ones.  They divide the relay into all the various categories -- so you can see that NETT came 2nd out of 383 teams:

The individual ones are cool on Chrono track too -- you see the person's stats, as well as a video of the person finishing: (You just type the person's name in). Tina's official finishing time was 3:54:10; mine was 3:57:33 NETT's relay time was 2:51:11."


Mary said...

Way to go you crazy NETT'ers! I was running with you in spirit & was tracking you the whole way!!

Karyn said...

I thought I felt a creepy stalker-like presence! (Plus, I was sure I could hear the crackling of candy wrappers). Missed you!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you enjoy rainy marathons. Remembering Bay State washout a few years ago.
Nice running and support by everone!

Karyn said...

I don't know if I'd say I like them Paul...but you have a point. That crazy Bay State Marathon was my PR (could it have been the banana you handed me at mile 18??). I kept thinking about that marathon as the weather forecasts got worse for this one. Figured I'd done it once and survived... :)