Saturday, November 23, 2013

Congrats to Bob on Winning his Division in the North Shore Trail Series

BIG congrats to NETT's Bob Segal for winning the 60+ age class in the North Shore Trail Series this year. What a feat! Here's Bob's report:

The series started in May with a 5K trail race and ended in November with the Stone Cat marathon, with a total of 8 races. You score points based on your percentage of the winning time. They take your best 7 races of the 8 to determine the top three in each age/gender division.
Last year I was fourth in the M50-59 division, so this year my goal was to try to be first in my new 60-69 division. I was able to accomplish that by winning 6 of the 8 races in my age group, while coming in second (to Marshall — always an honor) in one race and third in the other (the marathon, where I was pretty
banged up and undertrained so was just glad to finish).
As you can see by viewing the results in the graphic, half of life is just showing up. :) Complete results are here:
(Note that Chris Smith ran some of the races too, in spectacular fashion.)
That said, what I'm even more proud of is that in only my second full season of competitive trail racing, my point total not only won my age group but would have put me a respectable 5th in the very, very tough and competitive M50-59  division.
Thanks to all my NETT teammates for all the training runs and support during the season — that was a great help toward achieving my goal, plus you guys are fun to hang out with!


Frank said...

Congrats Bob! Man of many talents

Karyn said...

Yay Bob! Nice job :)

Mary said...

Way to go Bob - great accomplishment for only your 2nd year of trail running!!

pony rides metro atlanta said...

Congratulations for such accomplishment, you're the man!