Friday, November 08, 2013

Some Well Deserved Kudos for Frank KJ

When you really think about it, we at NETT are a bit spoiled. Oh, another 1:30 half marathon from a 65-year old? Our team won the Vermont City Relay? A Mini Pony ran a 10K at 6:30 pace....pushing a jog stroller? Yup. 

Frank KJ did just that last weekend at the Genesis Battlegreen 10K, clocking a 40:18 for 10K while pushing Emma in the jog stroller. And while most of us thought it was impressive, this blogger from who was just in front of Frank put it in perspective when he said, " This amazing runner maintained a 6:30 pace at the 10K race--while pushing that stroller!He was just behind me when I took this photo.  (A moment later he was far ahead. :) Despite that stroller, he finished 10th out of more than 200 runners!"

Congrats Frank! Well deserved Kudos. 

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