Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bob Tears it Up this Weekend..and All Year

Congrats to Bob who won his age group in a race this weekend and also collected his winnings for the age group win in the North Shore Trail Series. Here's his double-feature report:

"On a whim, I decided to run the 5K Festivus road race today (Sunday) in Salem. Walter's Run was the first road race I had done in about a year I think and my legs did not act up so I thought I'd give another go at a road race just to build on that success. Wearing my Red Sox santa hat, I came in first in my age group!

This time, I waited patiently without any expectations (they didn't post the results anywhere), to avoid another premature, ill-fated trip to the awards table.

Also, this weekend, because the official awards ceremony was canceled because of a recent snowstorm, those of us who participated in the North Shore Trail Series stopped by the New England Running Company in Beverly, MA to pick up our awards individually. The results are here: 

It's probably my best athletic achievement to date, and it only took 60 years! The series ran from May to November, beginning with a 5K and ending with the Stone Cat trail marathon, with trail races of 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 miles in between. Of the 8 trail races in the series, I came in first place in my age group in 6 of them, with a second (to Marshall!) and a third in the other two. As a result, I took first place in my age group for the series overall and received a spiffy Salomon "North Shore Trail Series" jacket and a gift certificate for a new pair of Salomon trail running shoes! It was great fun all season long, running with nice folks and enjoying the outdoors. And all those training runs and races with my NETT teammates during the season helped my fitness immensely, so a big thanks to all of you as well."

Congrats Bob. While we at NETT are always quick to claim victory this one is really your hard work all year. Thanks for representing NETT so well. 

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Karyn said...

Yay Bob! Impressive accomplishments. Congrats :)