Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mount Hood 2013: A Frosty Fury of Fun

This year's Assault on Mount Hood XC didn't disappoint-- a cold, hilly, sloppy course, good competition, great post-race fare and a pile of nutcrackers to take home.

The course this year had its surprises--all of which went uphill! NETT put three teams into the race: men's "open", men's masters and women's masters.

The women's masters team finished first overall and was led by Kristin, sick as a dog, digs deep to be the first female master. A real gutsy race. Newbie Mairead fit in really well charging through the snow and ice, and Scott's wife Donna rounded out the set.

Zack led the charge for the men finishing 2nd overall, with Crazy Dave and  Fluffy Chris rounding out the Men's open team which finished 2nd overall.

Despite his only training being swinging a hammer the last six months Andy led  the men's masters team to third place with Patrick, Scott, and Jack in tow.

Nutcracker count: 11 by my count! Congrats to all who braved the cold. As always, the Melrose Running Club did a great job in putting this race on. It's an NETT favorite for a reason.
More pictures to come soon.


Karyn said...

Well done NETT! Perhaps we need to establish a nutcracker museum?

Frank said...

Is that an army style nutcracker?