Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boston Marathon One Week Later: Karyn's Take

Now with the race a week past, the NETT news team reached out to one of the excited Mini Ponies to get their take on the race. Here's Eminem's report:

"As for my race, well...I learned that my slowest marathon could also be my best. For the first half it seemed like the planets had aligned in my favor (okay...I had visions of the Mayor placing that laurel crown on my head...). But around mile 16 I started feeling nauseous and at mile 22 my calves unexpectedly seized and cramped and I took a little tumble. In the spirit of the Boston Marathon a total stranger helped me up. He then ran on, but a few minutes later he turned around and came back to tell me he thought I needed salt (which he conveniently happened to be carrying in his belt!). It took 10 -12 minutes of walking (and attempted jogging) before my calves calmed enough to resume running...and run I did. Past BC, down Beacon, right on Hereford, left on Boylston and into the throngs of well-wishers whose signs, cheers and enthusiasm powered me through the finish. Well...I didn't get the crown (turns out it was taken a few hours earlier), but I did get a finisher's medal, an awesome mylar blanket, and a few bags of IV fluid.

How to summarize it? Best. Day. Ever.

Thank you to all those folks who helped make it meaningful for me.

P.S. For those who like numbers, I finished in 4:26:36, which gave me half an hour longer than anticipated to take in what has to be one of the most emotional and dramatic marathons since Phiddipides collapsed in Athens : )

PPS: Best post race discovery: my iPhone was zipped into a mesh pocket on the back of my shorts and unbeknownst to me, my bum was taking photos and videos of runners behind me for miles. I have the coolest avant-garde collection of photos and videos ever. See below for one of my favorites!

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