Thursday, April 24, 2014

Congrats to NETT's Boston Marathoners!!

Big congrats to NETT's contingent in this year's Boston Marathon. Four of the most steadfast Mini Ponyettes trained hard all winter through rain, ice, cold, and injuries to successfully get to the Boylston Street finish line this year.

Mary and Amanda ran together on all of their training runs and continued that partnership stride-for-stride during the race, pacing each other to a  3:38 finish time, looking like it was a walk in the park the whole time.

Tina and Karyn both ran for the Boston Medical Center charity team, raising money for a very worth cause. Here's Tina's take on her 3:41 finish.

"The first half went quite well. However, I started feeling a cramp on the right calf around the halfway mark.  I was literally talking to my calf, yelling 'not now! I still have another half to go.'  Thus, for the next few miles, I concentrated on getting Gatorade. If you saw me try to wave yes, I was trying to wave :)  I think because I drank so much Gatorade and water, I got side stitches for the last 10K.  I had to dig in really deep to finish and when I got to the BMC meeting area, I had to deal with three blisters while changing in the bathroom.  I spent so much time taking care of the blisters, the BMC volunteers actually asked me whether I was ok, probably thinking I passed out. Big thank you to everyone for being out there cheering for us all. Especially waiting for someone like me who's at the last wave."

Despite dealing with some dehydration issues along the way, Karyn refused to quit or be brought to the medical tent on the course and finished in 4:26 getting some free table salt for her trouble from a complete stranger!

NETT had a good cheering crew out on the course, with Crazy Dave, Big Ben, Fluffy, AC, and Dr. Ron setting up shop on Comm Ave.

Big congrats to all!

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