Sunday, May 18, 2014

NETT Around the World

NETT members popped up in two different countries this week -- Canada and Taiwan.

Frank and family were over in Asia and he and Nicholas decided to take a bike ride. Of course, since it's Frank, it's not just any bike ride. "We planned a ride in 80F and 85% humidity  with a total of 5,000ft over two Cat 1 climbs," he tells the NETT newsroom. "Well he made it up the 1st one. 2400ft elevation and it took a long time."

Not bad! 

Meanwhile, up in Canada Karyn MM took a much more flavorful approach to her athletic vacation. Here's her report:

If you ever want a race that you will love, consider the one my friend Elysa and I did this weekend. It’s called The Chocolate Race. There are 5k, 10k and 10-mile options. And runners of all levels. You get  skewers of chocolate-covered marshmallows and strawberries at the 1k and 6k  water stops (on the 10k course.  I think you only get one chocolate stop on the  5k but several more on the 10-mile course! Then, at the finish line, you get: 
chocolate truffles, chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate croissants, chocolate fudge, chocolate-covered apples…and then, next door, you get chocolate martinis. It’s a blast! The course is along Lake Ontario, so it’s gorgeous. (We stayed at Niagara Falls for the weekend, but the race is in St. Catharines about 25 minutes away).

Elysa and I ran the 10k race — though I wouldn’t say we raced it : ) The perfect re-entry to racing after the Boston Marathon."

Congrats Karyn!

(Note how both Frank and Karyn make their partners in crime don the NETT shirt for their events. Love it! 

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