Friday, October 30, 2015

NETT's M+Ms Go Over (to) Niagra Falls

NETT's Mini Ponies raced well in two countries this weekend (including one race that actually spanned two countries!).
On Saturday Eminem and Eminem Jr. (aka K-M-M and N-M-M) headed to Niagara Falls for the Niagara Falls International Marathon and Half Marathon. Initially, things were not looking hopeful for the younger of the duo, who suffered a para-spinal lumbar sprain about 10 days prior. The question was...would he run or wouldn't he? Dr. Ron determined that running would not create further injury...the decision would wait for a game day assessment. Well...with the help of a few pain patches, a lot of optimism, and unbelievable determination, he completed the half in a very respectable 1:37 (7:28 pace) and won first-in-age-group for his effort.
The senior member of the family team was ecstatic about her race, finishing in 3:57:05, about 3 minutes faster than her Boston Qualifier in very strong headwinds. Her brief report: "I ran the first half, from Buffalo, across the Peace Bridge and into Canada, comfortably and confidently with the 3:50 pace group. Stayed with them through the 30k (18.6 miles) when the headwinds along the Niagara River really picked up. It felt like we were running carrying weights for the last 8 miles. By that time I was a little depleted and slowed my pace down by nearly 35 seconds per mile until the finish. So my second half was just over 5 minutes slower than my first. That said, I had no doubt that I'd finish, and couldn't wait to see my support crew by the roaring Falls at the finish line. Exciting day!" Her run earned her 6th place in her age group, a medal with a rotating Canada-US flag, and tea from Tim Horton's!
Back in the USA, one of this fall's most prolific runners, Ilya Bass, completed the Canton Fall Classic 10k in 47:41 (a speedy 7:41 pace!) placing him 8th in his age group. Congrats!
Stay tuned for next weekend's results, when a sizable crew of Mini Ponies heads to the Busa Bushwack Trail Race.

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