Friday, November 06, 2015

NETT goes 1-2 at Watertown, gets a little whacked at Busa Bushwhack

Mini Ponies were charging all over the place this past weekend on the roads and trails.

Huge congrats to Zack and Paul for teaming up to finish 1-2 at the Watertown Boys and Girls Club 5K Road Race. For Zack it was a mere tempo run, but for Paul, who doesn't race on his feet all that often, it was a smart race. "The guy who won the last two years tried sticking with Zack the first mile. I think that helped wear him down so I had a chance to take him with 1/2-mile to go. I knew better than to try keeping with Zack!

If you're wondering why Paul wasn't wearing his NETT shirt, he had a VERY good reason. His wife was running for school committee and Paul sayd, "Given the local event and two days until the election I was wearing Candace's campaign t-shirt to get a bit more visibility for her (then spent the afternoon handing out leaflets up and down those hill-roads across from the Watertown track NETT used to do hill workouts on).

And by the way, Candace won her election, so chalk up one more victory for the NETT family this weekend!

Meanwhile over at the Busa Bushwhack trail race in Framingham, things didn't go quite as well for the Mini Ponies. In the 10 miler, YP got a bit dinged up after taking a pretty nasty fall which slowed him down to 7th place overall. Crazy Dave posted another mediocre result finishing in 1:12. And NETT newcomer Julia got the "full" trail running experience by taking a slight detour but still finished in a speedy 1:30 over the rugged 10 mile course.

In the five-mile race, Adrienne did a real number of her ankle and had to drop out of the race. And we all know her well enough to know that had to be a nasty injury-and it was, her ankle and foot immediately swelling up. Thankfully, the race organizers do SUCH a good job here, they had a ride for her back to the school where there were two EMTs waiting to treat her and wrap her ankle in ice. (That's one of those nice EMTs in the back of the photo and it now you know why Adrienne is seated!).

The best performances of the day for NETT came in the five-mile race our trio of most mature runners finished 12th (Patrick finishing in a spot that equals 1/5 his age), 18th (Marshall) and  36th (Bob). Great work guys.

(In this pic Crazy Dave and YP hob-nob with trail running royalty--Art Gulliver and Rich Busa. YP definitely doesn't have a problem warming up to folks! )

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