Sunday, September 25, 2016

Racing Update: Reach the Beach, Scottish and US XC, Steve Cashes in

Just a quick update on the NETT racing news from August and September.....

The top news is that the NETT-Wings team finished EIGHTH overall in the 200-mile Reach the Beach Relay. It was the team's best overall place in the event and represents the ultimate in teamwork. From race logistics (Capn K) to all out speed (YP), to preparation (JD), the team was really ready this year. We had new faces (Joe C), and a lot of veterans (Justine, Tom, Christy, Marshall, Julie, OP, Slava, and Crazy Dave. Every year, this race is a real test and every year we get a bit older, but somehow, we all seem to manage it better.

To see a BIG photo album, check the NETT Facebook page here. Really, they are worth a look, 

Earlier in September, Crazy Dave took to the trails on a trip to Scotland and finished a solid third while setting two firsts: The first time he's been introduced as a special guest before the race and the first time he ever had to do a slip-and-slide to finish the race.

XC season is here! In early September, the NETT men's masters team ran the GBTC Elm Bank XC festival. Jason DJ Crazy Dave, JD, OP, and Paddler Steve teamed up to finish fourth overall team. Results are here. 

On the ladies side, Adrienne and Julie were in the top 10 masters for females. 

A couple weeks later Paddler Steve won his age group at the Holdenwood Trail Run in Shirley, Mass.and went home with $50 for his trouble. Katy got third in her age group and her daughter Laura won hers as well. Nice work! Always, the humble guy, Paddler said, "For some reason the announcer thought my time was great. I thought Marshall's effort last year was even better."

Has anyone stopped to think about the amazing quality of 60+ runners NETT has right now? 

For more frequent updates, be sure to check the Facebook page at /newenglandtrackandtrail. 

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