Friday, November 04, 2016

NETT all over the Busa Bushwhack

The Mini Ponies were all over the Busa Bushwhack this year (again) coming up winners in a variety of age groups.

4th OVERALL in the 10 miler was Brodie Miles, cracking the 70 minute mark! Looks like that marathon training run a few weeks back did some good! Andy Hall was just a few spots behind in 9th place overall.

The top performance of the day goes to Adrienne, who made a triumphant return to Busa after mangling herself last year and finished second in her age group,

In the five miler, another major "return" came from Martin who we haven't heard from in quite a while (it turns our raising a couple kids can be time-consuming!) Martin just crushed it to finish in 12th place overall. And of course  Marshall won his age group in the 5 miler as well!

NETT has been a long supporter of this great event put on by the Greater Framingham Running Club and it's always great to see it doing well.

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