Monday, April 23, 2007

Big Ben takes on the Muddy Moose

A quick report from Big Ben Winther up in the wilds of New Hampshire:

"I did the Muddy Moose 4 miler this weekend, what a horrible (and wonderful) mess it was. It wa a poor time, but good fun.

I can’t compare to past years but it was pretty messy. There were still a lot of icy patches around the muddy areas, and the fat guys (aka Ben Winther) seemed to fall right through down to the knee in the mud. I have a pretty good gash on one ankle from the ice, and little scrapes all over, but it felt good to get out and push it a little....

Got beat by a guy and his dog...the dog threw his nose in the air and trotted past with grace and ease while I was pulling myself out of the mud puddles with the spit on my chin...."

Ben finished up in 11th place in 33:54.
Nice work Benny--way to get out there and muck it up!

For those that haven't done it, here's a race review and video clip.

And here's a pic from last year's race--it was considered a DRY year last year! Yikes.

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