Sunday, April 15, 2007

Merrimack Results--NETT puts two in the top 15

NETT put two runners in the top 15 at the Merrimack River Trail Race on Saturday. Dave H finished 7th overall in 1:04 and John Kinnee finished 13th in 1:07, a solid run for young John. Leo Fahey continued to show promise off-road finishing the 10-mile course in 1:41 filling out NETT's 7th place team scoring (although to confess, we had no idea they were keeping team scores).

More photos available here courtesy of Dave Dunham.


banana#3 said...

Hey Crazy...It's called the Merrimack River TRAIL Race...not the Merrimack River "use a board to get through the mud" Race!!

What's that famous saying, it's not a trail race unless your shoes are dirty!

Great Job to all!

New England Track and Trail said...

Banana, take a closer look at that ain't Crazy (John may take offense!). That was, in fact, the muddiest part of the race. There's a good pic of "crazy" outkicking a Team Psycho guy in the pics on that link.