Monday, April 16, 2007

NETT braves the storm at Boston Marathon

NETT runners braved the wind, rain and cold on Patriots Day to compete in the Boston Marathon.

Frank White led the charge, putting down a VERY impressive 2:50:29, which is I believe a PR for Frank in terrible conditions. Frank worked very hard this year despite having many other duties (law job, new daughter, teaching classes, etc.) to juggle. How many other people do you know put in their hard workouts at 8:30 pm on Tuesday nights in sub-zero temperatures?? Congrats Frank.

Jerry De Zutter was his usual consistent self, ticking away the miles in tough weather to finish in 3:04 definitely a sub-3 in decent weather!). Jerry's a longtime Boston veteran and always manages to run solid under any conditions.
Paul Young struggled in the second half of the race and shut things down in the last 10K. Not much you can do when you know things just aren't going your way, right? We've all been there. But Paul toughed it out and finished in 3:16.

"Hey Dave--remind me to train for this thing next year," yelled Rick Cleary as he passed us at the 18 mile mark, keeping his sense of humor despite the terrible conditions and a rough day for him. Rick finished up in 4:13.

Friends of NETT out on the course included Vladmir Luppov, who ran a very strong 3:07 despite missing a few weeks of training due to illness this year. And Dima Feinhaus was right there at 3:07 also.

And Tricia Grenier might have had the best performance of the day, running more than 15 minutes faster than her qualifying time to finish in 3:25, a truly impressive feat in miserable conditions.

Special thanks to all the NETTers who Ponied Up and came out to cheer on what many will remember as the most sparsely attended races in memory. Ben and Cindy Winther and their pal Michelle, Leo Fahey, Dmitry Drozdov and his pal Vlad, and Jennifer Shultis were all out there cheering, handing out candy and oranges to the runners and generally giving it "more cowbell".

As always, Go Mini Ponies!

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banana#3 said...

Great Job Guys! I was at my usual spot just past the 40k Mark..and as in past years was looking at the inside of my empty cup most of the day!